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Edison Standard Phonograph

An excellent banner model Edison Standard in its original green oak color.


Here is a view of the original pinstriping, original dataplate, original plating on the cylinder mandrel. Just overall a really nice phonograph.


From the top, you can see the black enameled bedplate and all the controls, including the speed control not offered on other Edison models!


The lid will do a good job protecting this machine from the elements, but we know you'll cherish this phonograph inside where is it warm and dry!


This phonograph can be all set up with a crane and horn, which you can find from us, or locally. This phonograph will accept ANY morning-glory horn that you may find in the future.


This Edison Standard Phonograph is a lovely banner model from 1901. It is all set up to take a crane and larger horn (should you choose) although currently offered without the crane and large horn for a substantial savings. We will supply an excellent 14" horn at no cost to you! The banner models are highly sought after and this mechanism plays strong for all the 2-minute wax records of the era. Comes with 3 wax records and ready to enjoy! Note: the crane and horn are shown for demonstrative purposes. Your phonograph will come all ready to go, and be easily upgradeable to the morning-glory set-up.

Price: $625.00

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