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Edison Home Phonograph with Diamond reproducer and Cygnet horn

The Cygnet horn is one of the most desirable of the horns available with the Home model. Elegant and practical.


The Home set-up is great, and takes no more space than a Home with a simple bell horn!


This phonograph comes complete with records and a copy of the instruction book - ready for yourself or as a very thoughtful gift!


The lid serves to protect the mechanism when in storage.


The special instructions pasted to the inside of the lid at the Edison factory almost 100 years ago!


Lovely oak cabinet and highly decorative bedplate.


Note the near 100% perfection of the blue-and-gold double striping.


The bedplate is decorated with the famous Edison trademark and the 2-4 minute gear switch instructions.


The motor runs solid and strong. This is about the cleanest Edison motor you're likely to see out there!


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The Edison Home Phonograph was offered with simple gold striping and fancy blue-and-gold striping during its long run on the assembly line. Some say the elaborate decoration is the prettiest ever seen a cylinder phonograph. This example is in superb condition, with original mechanism and cabinet, horn, and Diamond B reproducer. This upgrade, the permanent stylus and large, loud diaphragm, will play all your celluloid records with unrivaled clarity and volume. This machine is factory equipped with 2 and 4 gearing, and comes complete with plenty of records, instructions and ready for a lifetime of enjoyment!

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