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Edison Standard Phonograph with banner decoration and large brass horn

This Standard comes with a superb, extra clean all brass horn. This is an early horn that complements this early phonograph.


Here is another view of the horn. This horn is 30" long, with a 13-1/2" bell. It is stamped Patent Applied For (probably dates to around 1900) and was produced by the Standard Metal Manufacturing Co. Newark, New Jersey.


The mechanism is original, with the original bedplate and gear cover.


The crane mounts elegantly to the front of the case without clamping onto the wood and damaging it.


The mechanism is in fine, original condition, and runs smoothly. It easily plays a handful of your favorite hundred-year-old tunes!


This Edison Standard Phonograph dates to the 1903 era and has the lovely banner decoration used during this time frame. This phonograph was converted after 1908 to play not only the early 2 minute records, but also the 4 minute records, such as the superb Blue Amberol records available with all sorts of jazzy music. Mechanically original, with original crank, bedplate, and reproducer. The cabinet has its original finish under a clearcoat, and the horn is a gorgeous early all brass example. Crane is the only reproduction component on this phonograph. Ready for secure shipment to your home, complete with instructions and 3 records to get you started on a nice antique music collection.

Price: $900.00

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