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EFFANBEE Lovums Phonograph Doll

EFFanBEE "Lovums" Doll


Sleep Eyes function. Her eyelashes are real hair.


Marked "EFFANBEE LOVUMS" on her neck.


The mechanism winds up and the cylinder spins. No cylinders came with this doll - sorry! It ought to work if you play with it!


Her legs and shoes.


She is wearing a brass bracelet.


Another view of her bracelet.


This is an EFFANBEE (or EFFanBEE) "Lovums" Doll. According to Robin and Joan Rolfs' superb new book "Phonograph Toys and Dolls," the EFFanBEE Lovums Dolls were made in many different styles including the "Talking Tousle Head" with very short curly hair, known as a caracul wig. I think that is who she is. She has the sleep eyes and the "locket" bracelet. Let me know if you have any questions!!

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