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Edison Standard Phonograph - the International Correspondence School model

Edison Standard Phonograph - the I.C.S. model. Note the listening tubes. An optional horn is also available for this phonograph.


The Edison decal and celluloid sales tag are present. The celluloid tag states (faintly) a sales location of Chicago.


The bedplate and controls on this example are very clean. This model comes with a Model C reproducer (playing loud and clear!) and... even has the original Edison belt!


Here is another view of the bedplate. The gold striping is as nice as they come!


This is the repeater attachment: unique to the I.C.S. machines. Note also the Edison Trademark logo.


Thomas Edison contracted with the International Correspondence School of Scranton, Penna. to sell specially modified phonographs for home language learning. These models are much less common today than the unmodified Edison machines, and have a few features unique to their original purpose. They have a repeater attachment to repeat a few seconds of speech, and they have a speed control mounted within easy reach, not hidden in the motor compartment. These are nice-playing models with a lot of functionality - comes with listening tubes and three Edison records to listen to.

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