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Fully Restored Oak Victrola XIV

A beautiful, and scarce, oak XIV with the early Queen Anne legs.


Refinished and in excellent condition.


Gold plated hardware and a motor that runs smooth and strong.


Slide-out disc shelf is a nice touch on this model.


The Victrola decal is a real standout against the oak tiger stripes.


Horn and disc storage compartment.


Someone had decided to paint the rear of this phonograph black. That's a shame, but it doesn't look half bad!


The left side of the cabinet.


Top of the lid.


This Victrola XIV is a solid, strong, and completely restored instrument. In rare oak, this machine represents the highest quality of the Victor Talking Machine Company. Motor, case, reproducer are now good as new and fully guaranteed to keep you entertained for the next 100 years. Available for pickup or delivery from our San Francisco location.

Price: $1,250.00

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