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Edison Standard Phonograph with Banner Decoration

This Edison is set to play your 'wax' records!


This banner decal was a bold - but short-lived - design feature.


The mechanism is 100% original and in excellent working condition.


Edison's Trademark.


With lid, the mechanism is protected from dust, dirt, fingers, etc.


The spring motor has been cleaned, adjusted and lubricated. Maintenance instructions will also be included with this phonograph.


This Edison Standard Phonograph dates to the 1903 - 5 era and has all the features associated with Edison quality: a smooth-running motor, a nice reproducer for playing the wax records (included), a metal horn, and an oak cabinet decorated with the distinctive 'banner' decal that Edison used for only a few years of production. This example has been mechanically rebuilt, plays great, and is guaranteed to bring music to your home just as it did over a hundred years ago. Two original and excellent condition wax records included, more available. Reproducer and crank are originals; the horn is an exacting replica (original horns of all styles available).

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