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Edison Standard Phonograph with 2-4 minute gearing and banner decoration

A delightful Edison phonograph in playing position. Shown here with original 'wax' Edison records.


The Standard with lid in position.


The Edison banner under bright light. Under normal light, the banner has a subtle relief from the original dark oak finish and patina.


A view of the mechanism: nickel and enameled components.


This is the gear change mechanism that makes this example stand out from many others 'like' it.


The Edison Standard Phonograph was the champ of the line, outselling all the other Edison cylinder models. This example dates to the 1901-3 era, and has all those wonderful early features, such as the banner decoration and simple base molding cabinet. This is an all-original phonograph with the added dealer-mounted feature of the 2 and 4 minute gear changer. That means this phonograph can play just about any Edison, Columbia, or other maker cylinder record from the 1890s to 1920s. Delivered complete with 14 inch steel and brass horn (a replica) and an Edison 'Model C' reproducer (other reproducers available). Guaranteed and ready to go, complete with a selection of music to play.

Price: $750.00

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