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Edison Standard Phonograph of the 1899 - 1901 period

This Edison Standard Phonograph stands out from the others: the rarer, early case design speaks to the earliest era in home music technology.


The lid clasps into place with four latches.


The nickel plated mechanism is clean and shiny still.


Note the adjustable reproducer on this early machine: the side-arm is screw-adjusted to allow the stylus to track well. This feature is dropped in later models!


Note the lovely hand-pinstriping and the early serial number on a raised portion of the bedplate.


This machine cranks up well, runs smoothly, and sounds like it should!


This Edison Standard was one of the very first produced out of a production run of nearly one million! When Thomas Edison sought to sell his home entertainment devices to the 'masses,' this is the model he designed: small, portable, powerful, versatile. The cabinet is of simple oak, the bedplate simply decorated, and the motor quite functional. This is a scarce example and one that really stands out from Edison's later, more common designs. Sold with a brass horn, original, early C reproducer, original crank and two clean, early wax records. Guaranteed and ready to ship!

Price: $795.00

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