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Edison Triumph Phonograph with Repeater Attachment

Edison Triumph Phonograph - the $50 Edison powerhouse phonograph. Here, with scarce repeater attachment.


Another view of the front


Here is the front of the cabinet with its Edison script decal.


Note the unusual repeater attachment mounted to the bedplate. This is a particularly uncommon design.


A close-up view of the bedplate and controls.


Thomas Edison's signature on the bedplate!


Original shaver and record brush present on the carriage! This phonograph came equipped with a shaver, although many Triumphs have 'lost' theirs over the years.


This is a strong motor.


What a package.


This Edison Triumph has a repeater attachment - an unusual design for one, too. The attachment works well, playing your two minute records again and again and again and again... the novelty NEVER wears off! OK, maybe after about 15 minutes - and with the three-sping motor of this Triumph, you probably won't even need to wind it. This example has a restored cabinet and cleaned, lubricated and adjusted mechanism. Comes with wax records, a 14 inch horn (many horns available) and guaranteed to please.

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