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Edison Home Phonograph with RARE repeater mechanism

The phonograph is a 1901-era Edison Home with the stunning green oak long-case cabinet. Very special.


The banner decal is eye-catching and in excellent original condition. The reddish mark on the upper left is an old repair, at the point where a horn-mounting crane once allowed this instrument to perform in public.


The bedplate is clean and original.


Here is the elaborate and fully functional repeater mechanism. User adjustable, of course, to work with any of your 2 minute records.


This phonograph even has the original Model C reproducer and original shaver device.


The Edison Phonographs were usually issued to play records once. After that, the owner had to get up and restart the record. Some owners, however, wanted more: they wanted their phonograph to play their favorite record again and again. This Edison has the scarce repeater mechanism, in complete and working condition. It's a nice phonograph to begin with, and even nicer with the special option. Comes fully adjusted and ready to go, with a set of records to listen to, a 14" horn, and operating instructions. Ships securely from our Chicago location.

Price: $1,350.00

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