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Edison Home Phonograph

Edison Home Phonograph with Horn. Other horns are available -- just ask!


Here is the golden 'Edison' script decal.


The bedplate on this instrument is really something to see.


Here is a close up of the correct Model C reproducer.


Of course, this phonograph comes with its protective lid.


This Edison Home is from the 1905-7 period, and shows very little use. The cabinet is in fine original condition with the appropriate 'Edison' script decal on the front. The bedplate is very special: the enamel and gold striping are among the nicest generally seen in the collecting world. Plays well, sounds as it should - with a Model C reproducer this instrument will play all the two-minute records you can find. Comes with a 14" replica brass bell horn, some records to listen to right away, and fully adjusted, ready-to-go. Ships safely domestically and internationally.

Price: $795.00

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