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Edison Standard Phonograph with Black Morning Glory Horn

This Edison Standard package comes with: phonograph, morning-glory horn, crane, and instructions.


The cabinet has been restored to a nice medium brown color. The Edison script decal is correct.


The horn crane mounts to the front of the cabinet without marring.


The mechanism is an Edison Standard with a few bonuses: there is a speed control knob and a repeater button on this one! These features are typical of instruments made for the International Correspondence School.


The horn is an all-original black Edison horn.


Note the intact and clean decal on the horn!


This Edison Standard is equipped to the 1907 specification. Fully restored cabinet and original, clean, functional mechanism. The 2-minute records sound great on the C reproducer, loud and clear through the original morning-glory horn. Ships from our San Francisco location.

Price: $795.00

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