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Edison Standard Phonograph, Model B, with 2 and 4 minute gearing

This is the Edison Standard - the highest-production model of all the cylinder phonographs.


The oak cabinet and metal decoration are all original. (For those interested, the gear cover IS present, but I removed it for the photo to show the gear change mechanism.)


The Edison script signature decal really stands out on the cabinet.


This phonograph, circa 1904-5, is a nice example of the most popular Edison phonograph made. The motor runs strongly, the condition of the mechanism and cabinet are good, and the original owner returned to his Edison dealer after 1908 to install a 4 minute conversion kit. Therefore, this phonograph will play all the 2-minute brown and black wax PLUS the 4-minute black and blue amberols. You can't go wrong with this instrument. Supplied with a 14 inch brass-bell horn, a selection of records, and your choice of a Model C or a Model H reproducer.

Price: $750.00

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