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Unusual Victor promotional phonograph from the pre-dog era

Victor P with its front-mounted brass-bell horn.


Another view of the brass-bell horn. The travelling arm is a more recent replacement, and the reproducer is an original Exhibition that was an upgrade at some point in this instrument's history.


Note the 'pre-dog' identification plate. That indicates a production era before the company adopted the now-famous trademark image.


Note the original turntable felt and copper-oxidized metal fittings.


This is the original patent stamp on the horn.


Even the original license label is present. Normally, these labels indicate the sales price, but for this model, it specifies that the phonograph cannot be sold. (Sorry, we can't honor that agreement in the 21st century!!)


This phonograph is from the very early years of the Victor Talking Machine Company, before it adopted the now-famous dog-and-gramophone logo. That is why this one is called a 'pre-dog' machine. Everything on this machine is a little bit crude, and that is why it is so interesting to collectors. While Victor had a successful product line comprising phonographs for the lower, middle, and upper classes (the 'alphabet soup' models: E, M, MS, etc.), the firm also had a brisk and profitable business in selling disc records. To promote that end of the operation, the company offered the Victor P (for Premium) for free to customers who purchased enough records... what an idea! This one is in fine condition and will play catchy tunes for you just as it did over 100 years ago.

Price: $1,275.00

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