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Edison Standard Phonograph - The International Correspondence School Model

The Edison Standard ICS Model was a popular way to get an education remotely.


An excellent set-up. Be sure to inquire about the original records available with this phonograph.


The bedplate is in superb original condition, with the original crank and Model C reproducer.


Here is the celluloid label.


Another view of the phonograph.


The lid.


The motor. Also note the green wash to the oak cabinet. Very nice, and totally correct.


This Edison Standard Phonograph is from the 1901-3 era, and was made for use in home education. The International Correspondence School operated distance-learning classes across the country, and used the phonograph and a set of specially-recorded cylinders as the medium. This is a nice example of this unusual set-up. Of course, it's still a phonograph, and plays all the early Edison cylinders. Ships safely from Chicago.

Price: $550.00

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