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Victor II

Victor the Second: The 'Humpback' Model


From the front, you can see the simple design with fluted columns.


This model has the black morning-glory horn and ten-inch turntable.


A close-up of the cabinet.


The cabinet and hardware are all original. The horn has been repainted in its original black color.


The horn restoration, which was some time in the distant past, preserved the original decal.


Here is the motor. A simple and effective product of Camden, New Jersey engineering.


This Victor II is from the 1905 to 1908 period, when the Victor Talking Machine Company produced these using a small cabinet but larger hardware. The result is that cabinet has a bulge in the rear of the cabinet to accommodate the larger tone arm and back bracket. That's why this model is called the 'humpback' model, and because of its scarcity, particularly valued among collectors. The features are great: a reliable motor, a nice large petal horn, and the Exhibition reproducer. This one will ship safely and securely anywhere from our Chicago location.

Price: $1,425.00

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