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Edison Home Phonograph with Cygnet horn

An Edison Home Phonograph (Model D) with a ten panel Cygnet horn.


Here's another view of the phonograph showing the elegant curve of the horn.


The mechanism is in nice original condition.


Supplied with a Model H reproducer or Model C reproducer (your choice). Other reproducers also available.


Beautiful gold and blue pinstriping on the bedplate, plus the distinctive Thomas A. Edison Trademark.


Here's the decal on the front of the cabinet. The oak is in original condition, with patina.


The horn does not have any large dents, dings, or areas of paint loss and rust.


Both decals are present on the horn, including this one by the hanger.


The patent decal is also present on this horn.


This is the oak lid for the Home.


This Edison Home is from the 1910 era, and represents some of the most outstanding technological achievements of the day: a strong and quiet motor, the ability to play all the wax and celluloid records Edison and his competitors made, and the acoustically and visually pleasing swan-neck horn. You will not be disappointed by this mechanically robust instrument with its excellent, original sapphire-tipped reproducer. The gear change attachment (factory 2 and 4 minutes) operates simply and reliably, and the horn is about as nice as they come. Supplied with a copy of the original instructions, and 12 records to get you going!

Price: $1,500.00

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