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Victor E with early pre-dog label

Victor E in side view.


Here is the Victor E, with original turntable felt, crank, and hardware.


The early identification tag predates the 'His Master's Voice' dog-and-gramophone logo.


The tone arm support and tone arm appear original.


The reproducer is a long-neck Exhibition.


The horn is stamped 'patent applied for'.


The two-spring motor is in running condition.


This Victor E, or Monarch Junior, came early in production for the Victor Talking Machine Company, probably around 1902. It has an Exhibition reproducer, record hold-down, original cabinet and hardware, and is in fine running condition. The horn is an original (painted black). As a display piece, this is a rather scarce pre-dog instrument in very nice condition. Ships safely from our Chicago location.

Price: $1,200.00

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