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Victor V in Golden Oak

Victor V (five) in oak. This is a robust and impressive phonograph, just below the Victor VI near Victor's top of the line.


Another view of the phonograph with its large oak horn.


A close up of the cabinet. NIce square corner columns.


Here is a close up of the horn.


The decal on the horn.


The Victor ID label on the front of the case designates this one a 'Vic V'.


Here is a look at the motor and original crank.


The reproducer is an Exhibition - rebuilt for optimal sound.


A view of the tone arm, elbow, and back bracket.


This is a fully restored Victor V that is ready to play music like it did a hundred years ago. The case is in a golden, tiger-striped oak, the motor is triple-spring, and the reproducer is Victor's reliable Exhibition. Ships anywhere from our Chicago location; in-person audition and pickup are also welcome. Needles and records provided.

Price: $3,750.00

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