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Scarce Columbia BO with gorgeous nickel-plated horn

Beautiful 8-panel nickel plated horn on this one.


Here's another view.


A view of the bedplate and mechanism. That's all original.


Here is the decal in the front.


You can see the decal on the side listing all the awards that Columbia won in the early 1900s.


Here's the lid.


Inside the lid, the original sales label(!) listing the sales price of $45. What a bargain!


Here's the mechanism with the reproducer and tone arm in position.


A view of the reproducer and mandrel.


The Columbia BO was also known as the 'Invincible,' but apparently very few were made and not very many still exist. With an extended mandrel, this machine is capable of playing the standard 2-minute cylinders and the 6-inch ones. According to records, this example is from the 1908 era. With an oak cabinet, black enameled bedplate, beautiful nickel panel horn, it's a stunner! Ships safely in two boxes anywhere in the U.S. or internationally.

Price: $1,575.00

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