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Edison Fireside Phonograph with Cygnet horn

This Edison Fireside is from the 1909-1911 era.


Here's another view of the gorgeous, original Cygnet horn.


Take a look at the simple mechanism. The little nickeled knob is the easy-to-operate 2-4 gear changer.


A close-up of the decoration on the bedplate. Edison sure put attention to detail!


The Fireside has a small footprint, but puts out a lot of sound!


The original horn has two decals. This is one of them.


Here is the horn patent decal.


Lovely - the Edison script decal on the front of the cabinet.


The Edison Fireside Phonograph was introduced following the highly successful Gem, Standard, Home, and Triumph instruments, and had a completely new (and - to some - superior) motor design. With a small footprint and factory 2/4 gearing, this machine was meant for mass appeal. This example is completely original and in very nice condition. You'll love the oak cabinet and Cygnet (swan-neck) horn. The reproducer, a Model K Combination, will play any of the Edison wax or celluloid records, plus the competitors', whether in the 2 or 4 minute format. A versatile piece. Available for pickup in Chicago, or ships safely to your address in the U.S. or anywhere. Supplied with 12 records for your immediate enjoyment!

Price: $1,675.00

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