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Mae Starr cylinder phonograph doll

Here she is from the front!


Here is her mechanism with the cylinder in playing position. Note the crank coming out of her hip.


Her fingers are intact with only a little (much less than normal) paint loss that can be filled in.


Here is her right hand.


A close up of the mechanism. Works fine, but this is not a machine for enjoying records -- it is indeed a novelty toy.


Here is how you know she's a real Mae Starr, not a Madame Hendren or other brand. This is the back of her neck.


Rock-a-bye-baby on celluloid cylinder.


The Mae Starr was a popular version of the talking doll and is from the 1920s. This phonodoll plays a celluloid record and a handful of tunes were available. The doll winds up from the rear and plays nursery rhymes. She is in fine condition, with only a little wear to her composition skin. Be sure to write in about her -- this cute girl will not last long!

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