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Pathe Freres "Royal" Cylinder phonograph with French dealer label!

Here is the Pathe from the front. Note the smooth (not reproduction!!) aluminum horn and accessories, including the original reproducer box and a spare Salon cylinder!


Look at the neat, intricate stop-start system... can you figure it out? The on-off lever is a toggle in the center of the carriage!


Here is the original reproducer and box!


The Salon mandrel is in nice condition, no dings or dents like you see so often.


Dark walnut cabinet with dovetail joinery.


Here is the topper - how often do you see such a lovely original sales label? This one was from a seller of "Perfected Talking Machines". Ah oui, bien sur!


Pathe Freres, the famed French manufacturer of all varieties of phonographs and videography equipment, was more prolific than Edison and Columbia in the manufacture of unique cylinder sizes to meet all markets. This phonograph, circa 1906, was called the "Royal", and marketed to the middle class of high taste. Indeed, this phonograph plays the Salon size cylinders, noted for their operatic and popular song renditions. This example is housed in its all-original figured walnut case, has its original spun aluminum horn, original reproducer in box(!), and is in operating condition. Comes with a Salon record and ready to go. An unusual find, and even has its celluloid dealer tag, indicating a sale in France a century ago.

Price: $1,275.00

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